Sher-Wood NEXON N10

The T90 Undercover and NEXON 10 series are built for players who need lightweight equipment with ultimate protection. Our shoulder, shin and elbow pads are all built with light and strong materials. These materials will protect the player without sacrificing comfort or mobility. Play hard and light with the T90 and NEXON 10 series.


Multiple breaks on the front and the back of the T90 and NEXON 10 shoulder pads gives the player great freedom of movement on ice. The material used to build the T90 and NEXON 10 shoulder pads is comfortable lightweight mesh nylon. The built-in straps are made of a soft feel elastic.

SHIN Guards

The inside liner is removable and made of Corn fabric. A double foam inside the shin pad protects the anterior tibial area. The double density foam also provides extra protection around your leg.


The inside liner is made of Corn fabric. We also use soft fell elastic straps. As with all T90 and NEXON 10 protective gear, our elbow pads are made with lightweight mesh nylon.

The Sher-Wood Player Protective Nexon N10 Line

Sher-Wood NEXON N10 | Shoulder Pad | 129,95 €
Sher-Wood NEXON N10 | Elbow Pads | 74,95 €
Sher-Wood NEXON N10 | Shin Guards | 109,95 €