Based in Sherbrooke, Canada and originally founded in 1949 as Sherwood-Drolet, Sher-Wood Hockey has been one of the world’s best known hockey manufacturers. For more than 60 years the brand has provided hockey players at all levels with equipment that is durable, dependable, performing and offers an extraordinary feel.

High end products such as the SL 700, N12, T100 and T90 are being used across the NHL. Stars like Martin Brodeur, Bobby Ryan, Tomas Plekanec, Jaroslav Halak, Craig Anderson and Paul Stastny rely on Sher-Wood products to be at the top of their game against the highest level of competition.

With a management core of dynamic, passionate and experienced experts, the Sher-Wood Hockey team is very proud of their brand and their products. Their price differentiation strategy allows consumers to get equipment that features the best technologies the industry has to offer and at only a fraction of the price. Players around the world are raving about Sher-Wood sticks as the company is re-emerging as a leader in the hockey industry.