It’s Time THAT WE ALL get serious about roller hockey-speCiFic technology

Somewhere roller hockey lost its soul and started wearing ice hockey style boots… Not anymore! Completely new, 100% roller hockey performance, INHALER takes the best technology in roller, and dedicates it to the needs of the player.

Vented Toe Cap

New INHALER technology, developed exclusively for roller hockey, sucks in cool air at the front of your skate.

Vented Quarter

Vented quarter construction allows hot air to to be blown out of the boot by the cool air coming in from the vented toe cap.

True Vented Tongue

The final part of our cooling trifecta, the true vented tongue keeps the tops of your feet dry, while protecting from nasty lacebite.

Indy Foam Inserts

Cool and dry don’t mean anything if it’s not comfortable. Indy foam is our softest, most pliable padding ­– just ask your ankles.

THE Mission Inhaler Skate FAMILY

The Inhaler Series from Mission Hockey